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2023 Official Guide to Anno the Card Game

If you’re looking for the rules to Anno the Card Game, you’ve come to the right place. Our GUIDE below is and always will be available REGISTRATION FREE! Try our new and unique card game!

The Best New Card Game

You can view it in your browser below OR download the .PDF guide so you have it on your phone or tablet. The download, like the viewer will always be available here with no username needed! OUR VIDEO IS NOW LIVE ON YOUTUBE! Check out our post about it, or look below for the link! You can download or print from the window below. Look in the upper right hand corner to save/download and print to the left of the three vertical dots. There is also a link below this viewer that will download it.

Use the navigation bar on the top to zoom in and out. Scroll or click on the pages on the left bar to move around the doc.

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