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Anno the Card Game Offered to Lexington, Kentucky for first trial run!

Let us help you learn how to play Anno the Card Game!

Are you a leader in the Lexington, Kentucky area who is looking for a unique and fun way to strengthen your work culture? We are happy to offer our time to teach your group an amazing team-building activity, Anno the Card Game.

We will come to you

With minimum purchase of five decks of Anno the Card Game, we will give about an hour or two of our time to help your team learn and understand the game. We are excited to teach as many folks as possible so they too can share the fun with family and friends. Anno the Card Game is a brand new product, so we are offering our time to ensure there are groups of people, rather than individuals, who know how to play. As with most card games, Anno is best learned and enjoyed with a group.

We are local

While I am a Lexington native, Joe grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area but has lived in central Kentucky for the past 12 years. We met in 2014, have been married since 2021, and are grateful to call this beautiful place our home. We are confident the people of Lexington will be an enthusiastic, receptive group that will foster interest in this one-of-a-kind game.

See our Official Guide and Instructional YouTube Video

Additionally, we have created materials you can access for free online, such as our .PDF Official Guide and instructional YouTube video, to further assist with learning how to play. Please see links below.

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