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Getting to know Anno? We’ve got you covered! FAQs

A little over a year ago, I came home from work to find Joe in the kitchen while in the process of laminating a stack of index cards. I remember thinking, what on Earth are you up to? But I was also curious about the little symbols and what the numbers represented. Fast forward a few days later, the two of us are playing the first-ever rounds of Anno the Card Game, a card game I immediately felt was both unique and interesting. Okay I am a bias, but I have to say I was intrigued! So, we played around with it, changing a few things here and there, but Joe had already established some of the ground rules and the objective. I gradually learned the game and we worked to find anything missing or unnecessary as we did our trials, but I still had questions…lots of questions! Here, we’ve rounded up seven questions that popped up while I was learning how to play, and teaching others. Anno the Card Game FAQs:

Why can I only match 1, 3 or more?

When it comes to learning the rules of Anno the Card Game, what seemed to trip me up the most was getting used to the 1, 3 or more matching rule. I would often lay down two cards to match with my Month card, only to be reminded that this does not fly. Why? Matching two cards (whether they are Day, Season, Quarter, Weather, or Zodiac cards) during a turn is too common of a move and reduces the need for a little strategy.

Can I match from both my Hand and Community Eight during the same turn?

No. The reason here is similar to the answer above as it would make the game a matching free-for-all with very little need for strategy. I also feel like the game would go by very fast if this were not a rule. So it’s all about that balance.

What is the order of things to do in a turn?

First, match if you can, then replace the cards taken from the Community Eight (if that is where you played from), then Burn and Turn. You will Burn and Turn at the end of every single turn.

How do Weather cards work?

On the Weather cards, you will want to pay attention to the small Season symbols with arrows. The first Season symbol listed should match the original Season of the Month card you started with, while the second Season symbol is the Season you will be changing to. So when matching the Weather cards, you will need the Weather card itself, the Season card representing what the weather changed it to, and a third card (can be a Day, Zodiac, or Quarter card) to make it fit with the 1, 3 or more matching rule.

“Warm Winds” – Weather Card
“Great Storm” – Weather Card

Is there more than one way to use the Cusp card?

You can play and match all three cards (both Zodiac cards and the Cusp card) from either your Hand or from the Community Eight in one turn. Or you may have already laid down one of the Zodiacs of your Month card, in which case during a separate turn, you can match the second Zodiac card, the Cusp card, and an additional card (Season, Day, Quarter) to again, make it fit with the 1, 3 or more matching rule.

“Cusp Card”

Is it better to prioritize matching from your Hand or from the Community Eight?

This is all situational and comes down to the individual player’s own strategy when it comes to making the most matches possible, scoring the most points. When your turn comes around, and you chose to match from your Hand, you will be getting rid of your cards which is essentially speeding up the round and reducing future opportunities for your opponents to score. Additionally, if you match from your Hand and speed up the round/go out and end the round early, you are able to deduct points from your opponents if they are stuck with unmatched cards. On the flip side, if your turn comes around, and you decide to match from the Community Eight, you are maximizing your scoring opportunities while opening up (or eliminating) matching opportunities for opponents.

Where can I get my own deck of Anno the Card Game?

Anno the Card Game is for sale here on our website!

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